How to Raise a Reader: 6 Tips for Parents

If you want to raise a reader, then you must start them as early as infancy. Reading aloud to them creates a special bond between the parent and the child that will further help her with brain and emotional development. If you haven’t started them early, then it’s never too late. I am going to show you some ways you can create an environment in your home that will help you raise a reader. But first! Let’s discuss the how reading helps your child’s mental growth. 

Benefits of Raising a Reader

Children who are read to regularly start developing valuable language and literacy skills early on in their development. They are able to grasp abstract concepts easily in their learning process and it is easier for them to apply logic and understand cause and effect. Reading is a form of exercise provided to the brain that boosts its power while enhancing connectivity. It helps reduce stress and enhances imagination. 

Raise a reader by starting them early.

Books serves both as a mirror and a window to the reader. As a mirror, books let your child see herself reflected through. And when the same books serve as window, they allow a child to know the experiences of people who are different, helping them develop a perspective. 

Here are few ways you can help your child love reading. 

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Open up their Worlds

Expose them to books that introduce variety of different characters, cultures, ethnicities and family structures.

At young age their minds are flexible and expansive. They do not care if a character is a male or a female, black or white. 

Provide them with opportunities to explore books that show boys being nurturing and sensitive and girls being active and assertive, the books that are ethnically and racially diverse. This is going to give them an exposure to experiences that co-exist in real life.

Create a Print Rich Environment for Little Readers

Encourage reading outside the books. This is going to help them discover different way we can communicate through print. This eventually will spur their interest in using writing as a tool for communication. 

Expose them to age appropriate board games regularly.

Do letter activities such as making flip books, writing letters with paint.

Make reading and writing material easily available and accessible– for your young ones. 

Put colorful magnetic letter on your fridge.

Have their own shelf of books –placed at appropriate height in their room. 

Best make a family library – by collecting what you and your kids read over time. 

raise a reader by having a bookshelf in their room

Start them Young

Raise a reader by letting them read books

Starting them young is beneficial in your effort to raise a reader. Read them aloud when they are still too young to read. For some kids reading starts around 4 and for others at 6 or 7. Let them make their effort according to their own pace. 

At early age, board and play books are your best friends. Start introducing these as early as infancy. Sometimes you can read it to them, and other times just let them play with those play books while they admire the colors and illustration and try to make sense out of them. 

Develop a Reading Ritual

Develop a ritual for reading together every day. Majority of parents prefer sitting and reading with their children before they put them to bed. Bedtime story times are best.

You get an opportunity to create a special bond with your child and to make lifetime memories of stories read together as a child and a parent. 

Allow your Reader to Choose their own Books

Raise a reader by letting them choose their own books

Let them choose their own adventure. This will give them a control over exploring and evolving their reading choices. Picking their own books will help them express what they like about the books they are reading. 

Go to the libraryregular trips to the library will keep a constantly rotating book menu. This is an excellent opportunity to get them exposed to variety of books in short amount of time.

Focus on enjoying the books-especially for young emerging readers, pictures and illustrations are the best friends. Help them choose age appropriate books with lots of illustrations to maximize the fun that comes along with reading. 

Be a Role Model

Raise a reader by becoming a role model

Share your excitement about the book with your child. Since the little brains are sponges, model everything you want them to do. If you as a parent are busy with your digital devices and expect your child to love reading, then you are not living in the practical world. This simply is not going to happen. To create the environment of reading in your home, you have to be part of it. 

Your child needs to see you enjoy reading and writing. This can simply be reading a newspaper or a magazine on your weekend mornings or taking along your favorite book to the park with you while they play, and you read.

Read your books while your child is reading hers. This quiet reading time is the best opportunity for the whole family to read and relax. 

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  1. Thank you for this post. My daughter and I read together every night and I really think that shows in her performance in school.

  2. Great tips! I raised my younger brother while growing up myself and I never trained him to read. Now I want to but there’s a lot of resistance from him so i’m confused.

    I would definitely try reading books to him.

  3. such a great post! I think every new parent should try these methods, especially with our world becoming full of distractions and screens/ media. Very helpful tips which I had no idea of ! thanks for sharing !

  4. These are great strategies to implement reading at an early age. I love reading and would have no problem being a good role model.

  5. I can imagine that the point about being a role model is the most important one! It’s so nice that you share your tips with parents, what a great blog post topic!

  6. Wonderful tips. As a educator, I start having my kids reading when they enter my classroom. They are young and might not read a whole book, but they can read a lot of words and sight words right now. But, the most important first step of reading isn’t the words, but the pictures. Have a discussion about the book by asking you kid what he thinks the pictures are about and what he/she thinks. The pictures are there to help relate the story to the kids.

  7. Thank you for sharing the importance of reading. I do pediatric nursing and I think my favorite bonding time with the kiddos I work for is during reading time. Its something that can be instilled in them and make a lasting impact.

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