5 Essential Supplements Every Child Needs

In a perfect world, children should get most of their nutrients from their diet. They should be eating their leafy greens, fruits and veggies. Eating fish should be enough to get their Omega 3’s. Should be taking enough sunlight by spending enough time under the golden sunshine. Unfortunately, this is not our little perfect imaginary world.

I have two picky eaters on my hand. I have been able to include healthy food in their diet over time but eating perfectly healthy is far from reality. My intention has always been to feed them healthiest food possible. But my happy bubble pop when I don’t see this happening in real life. Fish is good as a pet. My little ones can throw up at the sight of fish in form of food. We are doing much better with fruits but ‘olives’ is the only vegetable they like. Yes! You heard me right! Olives! I have to rely on some supplements to make sure they are getting their regular nutrients intake needed.

My mother’s instinct just knew that I had to do something extra in terms of daily nutrients and minerals consumption. I did not prefer gummy vitamins not only because of higher sugar levels in them but also animal gelatin that I did not prefer for personal reasons. I was in the market in search for sugar free (or preferably less) vitamins for years. Below is the list of the supplements I swear by. Have a look!

First, always encourage your child to eat healthiest options available. Check out my post on healthy eating for kids, where I have discussed the benefits of a healthy diet and why is it essential for kids. A healthy diet provides right amount of vitamins and minerals. Supplements are important if essential nutrients aren’t coming from the food itself. Choosing high quality supplements should be a priority. 


The amount of each vitamin a person needs depends on age, gender and health conditions. A good multi-vitamin plays an important role in promoting growth and healthy cells. Renzo’s Multi-Vitamins for Kids are cherry flavored multi vitamins. It has Zero sugar, Non-GMO, Gluten free and Vegan. As I mentioned earlier that I preferred something without gelatin. My years of search came to a happy end when I stumbled upon these. These are easily chewable and taste pleasant. 

Fish Oil

A high-quality omega 3’s are essential for kid’s overall health. Omega 3’s Improve sleep quality and brain health and its function. It is heart healthy and aid in building stronger immunity. It protects human body against chronic diseases and inflammation. 

Omega 3’s helps greatly with focus and attention for kids who have problems with focus on academics. EPA’s and DHA’s found in fish oil and cod liver oils aids kids with ADHD. Studies have shown, Omega 3 Fish Oils have significantly reduced the symptoms of ADHD in children. We get our Fish Oil from Nordic Naturals. My kids have no issue with smell and taste. In fact, they have flavored fish oils that are ideal for kids. 


The most important thing you can do to your child’s health is to protect their gut. Gut is said to be the second brain in a human body. If the gut bacteria is out of balance, it can lead to anxiety, depression and focus issues. I would suggest rotating the brands of probiotics you are taking in order to ensure getting diverse strains if good bacteria. Right now, we are using Kids’ Probiotics by Garden of Life. 

Vitamin C

Along with motherhood came germaphobia. I would sanitize everything that came in contact with my baby. Being in public places (especially airplanes) was no less than a horror movie for me. Turning into a germaphobe backfired on me. By not getting exposed to germs, my son’s immune system became really weak. His immune system didn’t know how to handle it once exposed to the germs and bacteria.

While traveling internationally I found myself in situations where I was not in 100% control of the germ exposure. My baby ended up in the ER at the age of 8 months during our international travel. It happened again at the age of 2.5 years during our second time traveling internationally. Getting sick became a frequent thing once he started school. 

First thing I changed was his exposure to germs in daily life. I turned myself from a germophobe mom to a ‘normal one’. Along with that I started my search for an immune booster. Elderberry and Vitamin C’s are most commonly used immune boosters.

I love and swear by this vitamin c supplement that I found. It is an organic Camu Camu powder by Feel Good brand. Camu Camu berries are the highest source of Vitamin C on the planet. We mix a teaspoon in our chocolate milk or an ounce of orange juice and drink it. It does wonders for us. You can take estimated amounts as needed. Since, vitamin C is water soluble; excess is easily flushed out. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that protect against free radicals in the body before they do any damage. 


Magnesium deficiency is found more commonly than we can imagine. Our soil is depleted of essential nutrients resulting in not getting enough amount for our body. 

Magnesium has many diverse roles in the body. It is essential for proper nerve and muscle functions. It helps regulate the blood pressure in the body. Kids with ADHD are significantly deficient in magnesium. We occasionally used it to help as a sleep aid at nights. I use the one that comes in gel form which is convenient to use topically. 

Whole food are the best option to meet children and adult’s vitamin and mineral needs. When we are supplementing, we need to ensure we are getting high quality supplements. We must consider if the supplements contain ingredients other than vitamin and minerals? Could those ingredients be unsafe? Do a lot of research before buying any supplements. 


  1. I’ve found my kids prefer these to eating their greens! A daily battle which now sees them get a supplement if they eat whats given to them.

  2. As a mommy I wanted my 2 yr. old baby to have supplements and vitamins like this but I don’t which one to give her. Thanks, I will really consider these. Just that I have to ask her pedia first!

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