How to Make a Gratitude Jar for Kids?

Mindfulness is one of the things in my New Year’s resolution. Practicing mindfulness about the blessing that I have. Shedding more light on the positive and help my kids practice mindfulness and gratitude. It is very important for me to not raise entitled kids. Having more toys, more clothes and more of everything must not be the priority. 

I have been practicing minimalism to an extent since quite a while. Clutter around your environment creates a cluttered mind and it turns out to be true for me. I have been minimizing my kids’ toys for a while too. But it’s been hard for them to let go of the toys they hadn’t played with in years. I had to keep talking to them about importance of donating those toys to the kids who might have no toys at all and need it the most. We also were paying attention to not buying more toys and to play more mindfully with the ones we already had. 

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

This is an attempt to teach my children gratitude and mindfulness and eventually make it a lifestyle. It is very important to teach kids gratitude and thankfulness. Gratitude plays a vital role in mental wellbeing and a good character of a person. 

Why Teaching Gratitude is so Important? 

Creates Fulfillment in Life

Little things in life are much more meaningful to a grateful heart. Paying more attention to not having enough, creates a scarcity mindset. There is always a need to have more, a feeling of not having enough takes over. But gratification lets a person look at the positive side of the life. A person is able to pay attention to having enough and give more in life. It replaces scarcity mindset with fulfilment. 

Helps Create Stronger Relationships

Grateful kids are kind to others and are always ready to lend a hand when needed. They are able to make stronger connections and bond with the people by playing positive roles in their lives. These are great opportunities for families to create a stronger bond within. 

Instill Positive Behavior and Habits

Photo by Bekka Mongeau from Pexels

According to Dr. Robert A. Emmons, practicing gratification increases happiness levels by 25%. This one positive emotion leads to many other positive emotions and eventually an overall positive lifestyle. 

How to Make the Gratitude Jar?

I decided to make a ‘Gratitude Jar’. It is such a fun activity to do with kids. It helps them to be mindful for a few moments as they write about the blessings, they are thankful for, on a piece of paper. Making the jar turned out to be so much fun for everyone. 

The idea is that you take a jar. Let the kids decorate it as they like. Provide them with colorful pieces of papers. Each day (or week) they think and write down about the things in life they are thankful for. They can write about wonderful moments that happened that day or week. At the end of the year, they take everything out of the jar and read about the positive experiences and things they felt gratitude for, during that year. This will remind them of all the blessings in life and help them look at the positive outlook about their own lives. 

Try it with your kids too. Im sure you will have fun and will experience the positive benefits.

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