About Me:

Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to Ammi-ful Blog.

I am Hina, a Pakistani American mommy of two beautiful children. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan and migrated to USA with my family in 1998. Georgia, USA is my favorite place to live as no other place feels like home now. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law and Political Science from Georgia State University. 

I am passionate about family, parenting, cooking, teaching and traveling. I love to design spaces. I love traveling to my home country Pakistan. Lahore is always a home and close to my heart. I am a germaphobe turned normal mom. Having the second child, 4 years after my first one, fixed my germaphobia. 

I thrive to have a balance in my life that places everything in harmony with each other. 

Come along in my journey of mommy hood. In this blog, I’m going to share what I have learnt as a mommy of two.